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My Story

My music career began with an urge to learn music production software as a teenager. So I started learning Logic Pro X and I bought my first bass from a friend. Then in the blink of an eye, I was a Music Technology Major in Mercy College, just as they finished building a brand new recording studio.

In college, I spent time recording and producing other people's music and forming a band named Hilltop. On a few quiet nights, I would make ambient music using my bass guitar and Pro Tools software instruments. About two years later, I mastered one of these songs and released it as a single titled "In Chances."

Hilltop Portraits - Galway, NY 12-30-202

Since my first single I have released an EP, "Evidence of Absence" and a cover of Jaco Pastorius' "Portrait of Tracy," with much more on the way in 2021. While my role in Hilltop is important to my career, I take pride in my solo music, as it exercises my abilities and gives me more opportunities to connect with people.

My Music

"Evidence of Absence"

EP Released in 2020

"In Chances"

My debut solo release

"Portrait of Tracy" Cover

Cover of Jaco Pastorius

"Driftwood" by Hilltop

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